Monday, September 29, 2008

Waimanalo Down Dirty Shame

My nephew Matthew, I like to call him, "Matty." But I'm the only one. Everyone else calls him, Matthew or Mattoe, or Boy. I made him a hankerchief quilt, a little newborn size security blanket. It was meant to be the prelude to his baby quilt. Well, as you might have already surmised from my previous endeavors, things aren't always done in the timely fashion you might imagine. So, I fell in love with the way this pattern could change once you started playing with it. It's really just a small square cut in half on the diagonal. But once you start piecing it, it turns into something else. The swirly nature made me think of water and flowers and how water changes color with depth, undergrowth and light. So I started cutting. I cut so much I decided to make it a queen size quilt for Keani. It's all aloha fabrics and I love it! I love it so much, and I had cut so much for it, that I have enough for one for me too! Her's will be called "Waimanalo down dirty shame", mine's going to be called, "Waimanalo down dirty shame coda."

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