Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cork Colors or is it really just Fairview?

Red and White are the colors of Cork. They are also the colors of Fairview High School! When I say, "Red" you say, "White". "Red." "White." "Red." "White." When I say...oh, for goodness sakes. What? It's a quilt, from so many years ago. Jaye Lapachet thinks it's hers. She likes it. We joke it's hers. But it's mine.

It's a pattern from a quilting class I took on the use of color. I can't remember the woman, but it was at a quilting retreat. Yeah, like you didn't already know what kind of nerd I am. Of course I've been to quilting retreats! And it wasn't even the first one I've been to! Hello! Do you even know me?

I'm thinking of naming this one, "What's Red got to do with it?".

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