Sunday, September 28, 2008

Siska's Pearls

All the fabrics used here are 100% cotton, and are 1930's reproductions. I started this quilt when Francisca, my sweet little neice was maybe six? I collected the fabrics, but I didn't actually start cutting and sewing until she was maybe nine or ten? And by then, she wasn't into pink. See, what I get for being so slow? So, now, it's too babyish maybe for her, and also kind of small. It's nowhere near a queen size. It's still pretty, feminine and young, but the bottom border of squares was pieced years after the rest of the quilt and now it's so jacked up it won't match! Arg! Why am I such a crappy sewer?

So anyhow, the pattern is from a woman I took a class from and she calls it String of Pearls. I've named mine "Siska's Pearls". It may end up with her, or someone else. But the name will stay. I like naming quilts. It's kind of fun.

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