Sunday, September 28, 2008

Old Projects

These are projects that I've done but haven't added to this little blog. Some of them, honestly I can't even remember when they were done.

My amber fat yarn poncho. It's really simple, it's just a two knit two pearl rib, then I attached the end of one side of the rectangle to the finished side of the other end. It's too big really, but it's a sticky yarn and there is no way for me to frog it. It's alright, I like that it's loose, it doesn't feel binding. I like wearing it when it's a little chilly, but I'm still doing something active, because you can really move around when you're wearing a poncho.

The top photo is the quilt top I made with fabrics selected by my Mom. I have a notebook of my projects and there's a notation that I showed it to her and she didn't like it. I guess that's why it isn't finished. It just needs a back made, then quilted and bound. That's a lot really. But here it is. I have several other quilt tops, but they aren't as old as this one.

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