Sunday, September 28, 2008

oh Mikimoto you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind hey Miki!

This is another String of Pearls pattern, but with Japanese inspired fall patterned fabrics. It's a big square that was originally pieced for my Mom-in-law, but I think it's way too Japanesey for her. She's an elderly Irish woman who lives on a farm in a beautiful coastal place way down in the southern most part of Ireland, down near the fingers. It's a tiny village, yes, I said, "village." It's not even a town. The closest town is a good twenty or thirty minutes away. But my husband's home place is beautiful. It's just stunning, and it's hard to describe how comforting the windy roads are when you're traveling to their home. But I digress. It's a quilt that is really well done for me. It's surprising, and I'm going to add a big border around it to make it a queen size quilt. I'm thinking something like a solid chocolate brown, maybe in a silk shantung, or dupioni. Won't that be so elegant and fabulous? Oh, I'm loving it just thinking about it.

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