Friday, June 29, 2007

Mango Jam

I'm entering this here jar of Mango Jam into the San Mateo County Fair, even though I don't live in San Mateo County, they don't care. Isn't that so very sweet of them? I've been entering stuff into their fairs for years now. Although, I didn't do anything last year. So this year I'm making up for it. Many things!

Here's the jam. It's a little tart because I added much too much lemon juice. But it's still yummy. My Mom made it with me the last time she was here in April. People generally like just receiving the jam, when you show them how to actually make it then it gets mighty tedious! The washing, the boiling, the cutting, the measuring, the stirring, more stirring, stirring again! All the boiling, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning everything! Practicing aseptic technique is not as common as you might think. A lot of people like to taste something and then put the tasting spoon back into the pot. Madness! I know, but it happens.

Anyhow, it's good. But this is my last jar. If you want some you'll have to bring me fruit.

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