Friday, June 29, 2007

Black and White Baby Blanket

Babies, young babies, apparently cannot see very well. They don't distinguish colors and see contrast best, that is, they can focus on black and white. So I had an idea that a baby's blanket should be black and white, and if I crochet it, it will go very fast. Also, I can easily do stripes or big broad sweeps of black then white and change it around. No rules! It's for a baby. And if the parents just happen to be people who can appreciate good design, well, aren't I just the lucky one!

I also made a little pixie hat. I tried finding a pattern, but they were all for toddlers or adults. So I just made it up. It's kind of messed up because when you knit in the round I must have been missing something. I couldn't see where I was making a mistake, but the rounds weren't connecting. They stepped up. I think to get them to match I should have done this flat and then seamed it. Oh well, I always appreciate a little imperfection in all my work. How else would I know it was really mine?

This was made for JJ and Carri's baby Quinn. I'll see if I can find pictures of the one I did for their little girl Kaia.

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