Saturday, March 14, 2009

Little Tins Mini-Swap

Here's some cute stuff I got from my swap mate on Ravelry. There's a knitting register, fancy name for a row counter, which I really needed. A tin that she decorated to look like concrete and inside it's all blue suede inside! A sample of "soak" for washing my knitted loverlys. A little sharpie that can be hung from a string or tied to something. A pink and brown book to write things in. A little tin that says "knitting girl", that's me!
The second picture is what I sent. I sent her a u button, a tin with a "P" on it. A little crochet hook fob to add to her key chain, or just clip onto her purse or knitty bag (which I made myself!). Colored liners, which will help you follow a chart. A little zip bag for holding her dpns. A green green tea mint tin from Trader Joe's. And a little chocolate Lindt bunny for Easter. So cute right?

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