Thursday, March 5, 2009

Do all nineteen eye glass pouches!

I realize that you have to have a weird connection to pop rock and odd musicals to get any of my references. But there you have it. I entertain my own self! I finally got the serger out of the box after buying it maybe three years ago. Maybe just two. Anyhow, I've never used one, but it came with a DVD. The DVD explained how to thread it, so after that, I tried a project from a sewing show about serging. They made eye glass pouches, so I pulled out the leftover fabric from Keani's quilt and started cutting and serging. Nineteen pouches later....I know how to use my serger!!! At least for the four thread part. It's pretty cool, and so far I like her very much. Her name is Imagine, but I'm going to pronounce it with the french pronunciation eee-mo-jean. She's so cute.
If you have glasses, tell me which one you like and if I still have it and haven't given it away, I'll send it to you. The inside fabric is different from the outside fabric. 100% cotton, machine washable and dryable. What's your address?

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Jaye said...

You need an Etsy shop! I like the pink dotted one! What's next?