Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Chocolate Walnut Toffee!

Beth came over last night to knit and I made Chocolate Covered Walnut Toffee!

So here's the thing about making toffee. You really have to whisk it! You're creating an emulsion with the butter and molten sugar, and it won't get there if you aren't working hard to mix it well with a whisk. I tempered the chocolate, and that is very lovely and delicious Lindt semisweet baking chocolate. I didn't toast the walnuts but next time I think I will. Even though it's absolutely freezing here these days I was impatient to wait for four hours and put the whole thing in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning I flipped it and broke it up.
Foamy stage
a 068
it's toffee!
a 070
Toffee poured into the pan
a 072
Walnuts before I chopped them up
a 073
Tempered chocolate
a 074
Spreading the chocolate
a 080
Here's the toffee before it went into the fridge.
a 082
Chocolate Walnut Toffee for Christmas!
a 084

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Jaye said...

You are killing me! This looks so wonderful!