Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jar & Knitty Swap!

There's a group on Ravelry called Canny Crafters. It's devoted to people who like to make jam, jellies, preserves, pickles, and anything else that can be home canned. I started a thread to see if anyone wanted to swap a jar of their homemade yummy something and something else knitting or crochet related. So there's three of us. Here's what I sent. The jar was actually a little different because I had already foodsavered it. So I took a picture of another jar.
The dots are jam labels (stickers) that I made with my dork machine (sticker maker). I have looked and looked, but it's hard to find 2 inch circular stickers. Paper Source doesn't have any, Avery doesn't make them that size. Avery! It's madness, but actually, I love my homemade 2 inch stickers. I used card stock that I had in my stash. Cut 2 inch circles and then ran them through my dork machine. It's fantastic! I have a little thingy to adapt my rotary cutter to do circles, but I have enough for now. I'll update this post when I receive my end of the swap.

Oooh! Here's the wonderful booty I got in the mail from Dina! She sent me beet relish, peach lavender spread, a knitted dishcloth with an apple on it, a neat scrubby knit round thing, a package of her favorite cookies in the whole world! The cookies are so cute, they're in the shape of leaves! Some lovely raspberry caramel Dove chocolate AND a dark 70% chocolate Lindt bar! Woo hoo! A ball of yarn, a needle gauge, some recipe cards (which I don't have and really needed). and a Sheep Pez! Isn't that fantastic? So cool. I'm also keeping the jars she gave me forever because I don't have anymore of the little quilted crystal ones, and the jar holding the beet relish is one I've never seen here in the City.

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