Monday, April 13, 2009

Stitch Marker Happiness!

I have gone to town baby! I started making stitch markers and then I just couldn't stop! I made some for me, for my friend Giuia who's so far away on the East Coast. I made some for my friend Kirstie who I've never met, but she's so nice and lives in Wear and Tyne! Isn't that funny? It's sounds like some kind of clothes store, or a fashion related holiday (say it fast!).
Anyhow, here's plenty o' pictures! I made small ones for people who make socks, regular size ones and some with big loops for big needles or when you're making lace apparently. I dont' know. I haven't made anything lacey.
OH! And the orange and black ones are for Stitch N Pitch at the SF Giants this summer! So cool, right? It's a secret, so shhhhhhh. But if Pam, Manuela, Beth, Terri or Michaela are reading this, try and act surprised! Hee hee.
SM Giants 2 sizes a 240 a 237 a 233 a 234 a 231

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