Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reversible Fabulosity!

I was mucking around on Ravelry and I found this thread talking about sewing their stuff. Well, this one girl wanted to make bags, so everyone started pitching in their two cents. Her sweet baby ended up buying her a book, but nestled in all the two cents flying around was a fantastic link to making a reversible boxy bag. So click away I did and here's what I've made!
And seeing as I love to love me some obsession, I've cut enough fabric to make maybe twelve more? And you KNOW that doesn't even dent my fabric stash. I'm thinking, this could be a wonderful way to get ahead on some presents and also just bags around for me to put my stuff in.
A reversible fabulosity for a sock project, don't ya think? And remember, all four pictures are of the same bag, just turned out the other way.

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