Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dots and Squiggles, it's a French Press Cozy!

I've been wanting to make a tea cozy, but lately I've been using my French Press coffee maker more than the tea pot. So, I decided to make a cozy for the French Press first. I used some old yarn that is acrylic, so I can toss it in the washer and dryer. The pattern is the blister pattern from Surface. I just loved the way the bobbles were dots and lines, or squiggles. I added two rows of purl just to stabilize the end and the little ties are single crochet worked twice.
So cute! And since I drink coffee fairly slowly, it will be nice to have a cozy to keep it warm.
Revision! After watching my cozy slowly sag down. I decided it needed a little propping up, so I added two little ties to the top. Blogger is funny and orders photos in reverse order of how you load them, so the most current photos are the first two pictures. I think it looks and works better. I needed the cozy to cover more of the french press, so it do its job most efficiently.

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