Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two Black Cowls

I think I'm only keeping one of these. I like my neck to be warm when it's super cold outside and I'm walking our dog, McCool or if it's just cold and I'm out.
They're made of acrylic Homespun Lion Brand yarn. It's cheap, but it's pretty soft really and washable. Since I wear it often, I like that it's washable. Also, wool that close to my skin tends to be itchy to me. I know that's harsh when I'm a knitter and all, but there it is.
These were super easy the Black Mobius Cowl is the one that looks like it's twisted, which it is. I altered the original pattern by adding an eyelet and a picot edge to make it more girly. It was just too bland for me. I like texture and knobby things on my knitted stuff. Black Mobius Cowl
The second one is my own design, and I added a picot edge to that one too. It might fit someone with a long smallish neck, but it does actually go over my big head, so you could wear it too! It's actually a black black, and just appears grey black because of the glare from the camera. It's hard to take pictures of black knits just like it's hard to take a picture of a black dog.
Feather cable cowl

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