Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Allyson's Watery Coachella

This top is called Coachella (from and it seemed so cool and soooo Allyson. I made it without taking any of her measurements and it fits perfectly! She looks so good in it too! I made the XS size with Berroco Suede, needle sizes 7 & 9. The design of this top uses a tube with bound off places for the arms. This creates a cowl-like neck and the racerback tee in the back. Ingenious! I made it three inches longer than the pattern indicates because she tends to wear her tops a little long. It's so sexy cute and I love the turquoise color. My dear sweet friend Allyson, her husband and their two dogs, Oscar and Lola have taken care of our little guy McCool when we go on vacation. We usually give people who watch our dog a little something after we come back. Well, she's told me that she won't watch him anymore if we keep giving her stuff. So, I didn't give her this for that (but really it kind of was), I gave it to her for her birthday (which was in April). All my longtime friends know I'm super lousy at remembering birthdays. You'll usually get something way after the actual date. I just gave it to her yesterday. It's August.
DSC02159 DSC02163 DSC02167 DSC02164


Jaye said...

Fabulous! I love the color and that picture of the project on the needles. Allyson does look great in it. Nice work!

Nicola said...

Love this pattern. You did a great job and your friend looks STUNNING!